Communication Resources

Pinnacle works with its clients to develop tailored communication systems, policies and procedures. This can include:

Communication Guidelines

  • Managing communication with internal and external stakeholders
  • Stakeholder analysis and maintenance
  • Internal and external communication campaigns and events
  • Spokesperson guidelines outlining their role within the organisation
  • Rapid response guidelines
  • Corporate sponsorship guidelines and selection criteria
  • Corporate website development guidelines
  • Guidelines for developing messages
  • Guidelines for creating a communication strategy
  • Guidelines for handling negative publicity
  • Guidelines for developing a press release
  • Guidelines for setting up a media interview
  • Guidelines for running press conferences
  • Guidelines for developing a speech
  • Guidelines for a photo releases
  • Guidelines for developing videos

Communication Policies

  • Internal communications policy, including work function, guidelines and steps
  • Social media policy
  • Spokesperson policy
  • Crisis management policy

Communication Templates

  • Message development template
  • Stakeholder analysis template
  • Spokesperson visit analysis template
  • Spokesperson media briefing template
  • Sponsorship selection template
  • Event management template
  • Campaign planning template
  • Media planning template
  • PR agency selection template