Capacity Audits

Communication capacity audits help companies and organisations identify what is and isn’t working and help identify changes that will improve overall effectiveness and implementation of PR and communications activities. The process begins with a thorough analysis and review of existing communications plans, materials, templates, structures and processes, which exist across an organisation or department. These are then incorporated into the resulting systems, policies, procedures that Pinnacle creates after the communications audit. After the document review and analysis, the communications audit would take place through a series of structured review meetings and workshops with the communication team and other key personnel from the organisation.

Included in the Capacity Audit:

Typical deliverables for capacity audits include: a gap analysis report which will helps to determine which policies, procedures, systems and other documents are missing or require refinement; evaluate the overall communication department’s structure and interaction with the rest of the organisation; define communications objectives and best practices to use in the organisation; identify which channels work best in helping the organisation reach its key stakeholders; identify key messages that would help the organisation better interact with key target audiences; and identify benchmarks for measuring and evaluating communications.