Capacity building

Pinnacle advises companies and governments on how to build capacity and optimise the performance of their communications function, often as part of change management or restructuring programmes. We analyse existing competencies, teams, dynamics, systems, strategies and plans; identify issues, gaps and opportunities; propose and execute action plans; and support implementation in areas such as redesigning systems and processes, restructuring teams, and filling skills gaps.

Examples of capacity building work include:

  • Communication capacity audits
  • Communication situation analysis
  • Communication competency mapping
  • Employee skills assessment
  • Development of individual development plans
  • Consultant secondment and knowledge transfer
  • Communications department design and restructuring
  • Resources, structures and systems design
  • Policies, manuals, procedures, workflow
  • Team structures, roles and responsibilities

Communication strategy

Reputation is fundamental to every company’s bottom line, just as communication is vital to every organisation’s business strategy. Companies are exposed like never before to stakeholder scrutiny, and vulnerable in the digital age to conversations that shift perceptions with unprecedented speed and potency. Pinnacle’s senior consulting teams work with companies and organisations globally on a range of communication initiatives designed to establish, enhance, manage and defend reputation in pursuit of strategic goals. We work on a project basis to upgrade communications and build capacity, often including the secondment of Pinnacle directors and consultants to work alongside client teams.

Services include:

  • Communication strategy development
  • Benchmarking research
  • Reputation and brand audits
  • Brand positioning programmes
  • Stakeholder and audience mapping
  • Stakeholder engagement programmes
  • Focus group and opinion former interview programmes
  • Channel segmentation
  • Corporate positioning and message development
  • Online communication strategy and programme design
  • Internal and employee communication strategies and programme design
  • Change management

Creating a nationwide government PR strategy

From 2008-2010 a large Pinnacle consulting team worked with the government of a major world nation to build ground-up a nationwide communications strategy. This strategy transformed the government’s communication culture and galvanised more than 50 ministries and entities into communicating proactively with stakeholders. After the Prime Minister approved the strategy, Pinnacle seconded a multilingual team of consultants to transfer knowledge, support implementation, and develop integrated online and internal communication strategies.  

Communications training for the United Nations

Pinnacle is a registered training provider to the United Nations and the UNDP. In 2010 we worked with the United Nations Information Service in Geneva to co-ordinate and deliver specialised training for communicators from a range of UN agencies including the World Food Programme, UN Aids, the World Health Organization and the World Intellectual Property Organisation.


About us

Pinnacle is a specialist management consultancy focused uniquely on communications and public relations.

We work for companies, governments and people who want more value and impact from communications.

We build communication skills for individuals and communication capacity for organisations.

We empower communication departments to enhance reputation and deliver business goals.

We are a global business with headquarters in London; offices in Brussels, Dubai, Bahrain and Mumbai; and developing operations in Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

PR capacity building for the European Union

Pinnacle has been working for more than five years to build communication capacity across the main European institutions, including the Parliament, the Commission, and dozens of agencies, political groups and regional development bodies. This work has involved customised programmes and seminars for more than 3,500 communication professionals in Brussels and across more than 15 European countries.